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Hey Guys, Jonsha out for a while...

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Hey Guys, Jonsha out for a while... Empty Hey Guys, Jonsha out for a while...

Post  jonsha on Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:47 am

My account is deactivating tonight at like 6:15 and I have only just begun re-installing stuff to my laptop after ravaging it. I will probably be back online saturday, but for me at the moment, no EVE for 3 days is like hell.

Just wondering what's been going on in my absence, how everyone is, etc. I am on Vent most nights so come to chat if you like =D

Laptop is now working double speed, fans making less noise than the bloody hard drive. I also increased the quality of my speakers by re-securing them and securing the plugs to the MoBo. Fan was clogged, thermal paste like a block of rubber. One RAM slot was dislodged, as was the network adapter. I also sorted my screen's connection to the MoBo. Should all result in more reliable and constant performance, less discons and a working screen. Also 100% processor capacity and proper Memory usage. I am now in love with my laptop again. Thanks to Muu for giving me the inspiration to take it apart. I also restored it, and it WINS.

Guyuti, my downtime in EVE means I will not need my Hulk when I thought. I can wait another couple of days, because (I think) the training queue stops when the account is down. EVEMon says I have 21 days, so add a couple to that and that is the time I will be able to use my Hulk. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience to your manufacturing planning times.


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