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Jonsha's Journey

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Jonsha's Journey Empty Jonsha's Journey

Post  jonsha on Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:32 pm

So, I promised screenshots of my trip and a video of the EVE Gate.
Here they are! The video is fail, but at least it is moving footage of it.

Amarr Prime

Jonsha's Journey AmarrPrime

So, I began with Amarr prime - I love the Super cities on the dark side, and the planet in general is awesome too.
I did not get shots of Caldari or Gallente Prime because they are basically the same, with less lights.

Seyllin I

Jonsha's Journey Seyllinone1
Jonsha's Journey Seyllinone2

Seyllin one was destroyed by an unstable wormhole forming in it's centre, back when the expansion was released that added wormholes. I love the red planet, and the rocks surrounding are simply awesome. A sight to behold.

Destroyed CONCORD Station at Yulai

Jonsha's Journey YulaiCONCORDdestroyed1
Jonsha's Journey YulaiCONCORDdestroyed2

This station was destroyed. 'nuff said. It is awesome and I love the design, let alone the detail of the frayed, dead end. Something to note is that you can still dock in it. But nothing is sold in that station, and contracts from it aren't allowed. Also, you can't switch out ships in it. Just docking only. Weird.

Monolith at Dead End

Jonsha's Journey DeadEndMonolith
Jonsha's Journey DeadEndMonolith2

The show info on this thing says "it's full of stars", and that's it. Well, it reflects everything and it was bloody difficult to get an angle where you could tell it is there, but here it is. I could find no back story behind it, it's just there at Planet 5 Moon 5, Dead End, Genesis. The end.
Something quite funny, the route to Dead End is Access, Exit, Centre Point, Too Far and Dead End. I lol'd.

The EVE Gate!

It's puuuurty. Hate that dick for destroying my Apotheosis. I recorded it just after I jumped, so I thought I was cloaked, and I swear he killed me before I could see him.
Oh well.

On my way home

Jonsha's Journey Bluesun-journeyhome

A nice Blue sun - never seen one in EVE

Jonsha's Journey Nicesight-journeyhome

A nice blue sun occluded by a lava planet - never seen a lava planet either.

Overall, quite a good journey. Minus the loss, it was interesting and rewarding.

Hope you all enjoy the images/videos as much as I did making them (for the most part),



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