Apple Construction Inc.
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Post  Okaidanoo on Mon Jan 04, 2010 2:01 pm

Apple Construction Inc (APPCI)

APPCI are looking for miners. No minimum skill level requiered, although a level of maturity is needed so the core members dont feel too old.
We are an industrial corp with established foundations. We have maxed skilled Orca pilots for mining bonus sexytime, there are corp mining ops (bring some form of intoxication).

We also have access to lvl 4/5 missions that we sometimes run. Corp will purchace all loot/salvage at a good price if you are a mission runner.

APPCI manufacture all ships including tech 2, tech 3 and capitals, with an extensive catalogue of bpo's offering great ship discounts to members, new miners will recieve FREE cruisers/barges and mods to help get started.

Ore/mineral purchase system, where we buy what you mine at a good price. So thats safe mining with maxed bonuses, where you can sell what u mine without moving it to a trade hub - FREE Retriever/Covetor for new miners - AND a chilled out group of players to fly with.

Most of our mining and corp ops are in hisec 0.5 - 0.7 in the Placid region, we are looking to get back to Wspace and then 0.0 where our Rorqual will come into full effect.

So if you are a lone miner looking for a home, an experienced miner looking for something new or just some good bonuses to make isk? Then reply here or check out our in game channel "APPCI SALOON" for info on how to join.

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Post  Isildur2 on Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:03 am

Well. Kinda new player focusing to the mining-path. Have talked to a few of you in the social chat and likes the atmosphere.

Im a social and nice guy from Sweden, 39 years old and usually have a cpl of hours per night free. Hope you don't have an age restriction...

Isuldur2 aka Lars


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