Apple Construction Inc.
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Apple Construction Inc.

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Apple Construction Inc. Empty Apple Construction Inc.

Post  Guyuti on Fri Dec 18, 2009 2:18 am

APPCI was founded by me in September 2008 as a place to keep my Industrial chars, Previously I had run a Corp called Newtonian Constructs which ran a couple of high sec pos's for research of BPOs etc.

APPCI began as a place where I carried out invention jobs and research, it has since grown with the help of some friends. Currently we do Tech 3, Tech 2 and Capital Production. We also run a few pos's in Low sec for moon mining reactions and production. Most of these are in the Placid region of .

We are currnetly looking to expand our size to be able to become self sufficient in the Minerals we need to build ships. We will be expanding our operations into Worm Holes and then 0.0 in the near future




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